Winland was a strategic research project exploring future energy, food and water security in Finland.

Our guiding questions

How do the shocks and pressures to our energy, food and water system and their related policy measures affect Finland’s comprehensive security in the future?

How can we improve the resilience of our society? How do we prevent Finland from becoming undesire ’Failand’ and proceed towards desired future ’Winland’?

Perspectives and methods

We investigated these questions through various viewpoints from global to local scale. We took into account systemic pressures that are for instance linked to water use, climate change, geopolitics, and demographics.

We also looked at the key planning and decision-making processes relevant for energy, food and water security as well as for comprehensive security in general. The diagram below presents our key research elements i.e. themes and processes.

How to achieve this? Our research approach was multi- and interdisplicinary and even transdisciplinary. We paid special attention to integrating various viewpoints and knowledge together.  We applied co-creation and scenario methodologies that encourage different stakeholders into dialogue with us as well as with each other.

For more information, read our research summary and have a look at our Publications pages. for more information on specific research themes and publications, please contact our team. You can also send email to Project Coordinator Suvi Sojamo (at or Consortium Leader Marko Keskinen (at

Winland was implemented by a multidisciplinary consortium consisting of Aalto University, Finland’s Future Research Center, University of Helsinki, University of Eastern Finland, National Defence University, Finnish Environment Institute and Demos Helsinki.

Winland project was funded by Strategic Research Council, and it was active 2016-19.